Revolutionize Your Body with Juicing and Personal Training

FitnessWe all know how important personal training and nutrition is, but how do you know what you’re supposed to eat? There’s so much conflicting information online, and it can sometimes be difficult to separate the truth from the nonsense.
Fortunately, there does seem to be one category of food that everyone can agree is 100% beneficial for your health: fruit and veg. In fact, these super foods are so super healthy that the FDA even recommends that adults eat around 4.5 cups every single day. Now I don’t know about you, but until recently I really struggled fitting all of this in; I knew I should do it, but it was just so hard! Then I found juicing.

I shove a load of fresh produce in my juicer, fire that baby up and BOOM – I’ve got a nice cool glass jam-packed with micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help power me through my workout, however intense it gets. It’s almost as if my juicer is my nutritional personal trainer, which helps to keep me fit and healthy in order to get the most from my fitness-based personal training.

When juicing, it’s important to ensure you strike the right balance between convenience and health; there’s no point going all out and packing it in after two juices after all! With that in mind, here are four key tips to get the most from your juicer alongside your personal training journey.

1. Use frozen fruit and vegetables! Fresh produce is great, but life is bound to get in the way, and you don’t want to have to throw away unused ingredients. Plus, as a nice bonus, the frozen goods will keep your juice fresh and cool.

2. Rejuice your pulp! This is actually a little-known tip that I was given by a close friend. The pulp produced by your juicer will still contain tons of nutrients just waiting to be pumped into your juice, so grab it quick and stick it back through!

3. Timing is everything! Note down when you have your juices and pay attention to how you feel during your personal training session. Everyone’s body is different, and you can really harness the power of the juice if you get the timing just right. Pay attention to your body and see how you feel.

4. Remember to use a lid! Most modern juicers contain some sort of device to push the ingredients through. Make sure you use this rather than just slinging your ingredients straight in, even if you are a bit overexcited at the prospect of your upcoming delicious drink.

Finally, don’t keep your juicing activities to yourself! Experiment with different recipes, share your own online and compare notes with friends. One often overlooked aspect of juicing is the socializing that often surrounds juicing converts, so make sure you tap into that. Also, remember that your personal training professional isn’t just there to advise on what to do in the gym; they will be able to offer a wealth of knowledge around all areas of fitness, so make sure you use that knowledge.

Happy juicing!