Juice Diet Recipes – Lose Weight Sustainably

juiceThe weight loss industry is one of the biggest industries on the planet, and has been for a long time. After all, who doesn’t strive to look better for both themselves and the wider public? Unfortunately, the weight loss industry is also a very manipulative and false industry, tricking those who wish to lose weight that they need magic pils and supplements that simple will not work for them, and may even leave them worse off than when they began.

The things to include in juice diet recipes are simple:


This is literally one of the best things you can put into your body. It is incredibly uncalorific, and you can throw LOADS in. It masks well in juices and so will have you feeling full without the calorific intake. Plus, it’ll make you strong like Popeye. PERFECTO.


This is a fleshy fruit that is mainly comprised of water. That is why it is great for juice. It contains lots of electrolytes that can promote weight loss and overall is a wonderful thing to be eating if trying to lose weight.


Arguably the best foodstuff you can consume. I must admit that I’m not a HUGE fan of kale, but I do always throw a small bit into my juices in the morning. Remember that if you are using kale, you should really be using a masticating juicer as centrifugal juicers can’t really cope with the coare leafiness of the green.


Again, not massively into celery, but everyone tells me it is a wonderplant for weight loss. I throw this in every now and then, and it also contains lots of nutrients and antibodies to promote weight loss.


You should be watching the amount of fruit that you consume when trying to lose weight, as fruit contains lots of glucose and sugars that can hinder your process. That being said, you definitely don’t want to be having a kale and celery juice (well, maybe you do, and well done you if that’s what you like!) but apples are a great thing to throw in to add a little flavour. Two granny smiths can do wonders for a juice recipe and so if you’re looking for something to zing it up, apples should be your go to guy.

Thanks for following this guys! Don’t be afraid to add dashes and lime and lemon to these ingredients also. Ginger is another one that has so many antioxidants and goodness in it. Happy juicing!