More explanation on contribution to the iPad iBook – for individuals

Oral radiology iBook preview

Maybe more details should have been provided. Here are some ways on how you can tribute to the iPad iBook:

  • Case Contribution: want to share an interesting case with the rest of the world and help with education, you can do that as a case(s) contributor. You will get your name and your practice name mentioned in the book for every case you submit. Radiographs in general are accepted both 2D and 3D (CBCT). High quality images are definitely preferred. Full cases with intraoral pictures (When applicable), pre and post-follow up radiographs, 2D and 3D for the same case are just great learning cases! (Invitation is open to anyone and not limited).
  • Chapter Contribution: you help author or co-author a chapter in the book. This takes more time and requires commitment. Thus the limited invitation.

Please let us know how you would like to contribute and we will follow-up with you with more details. Let us know how you feel about all of this. Support letters are always welcomed.

Thanks for your generosity and for your help to make learning better!

Next Generation Oral Radiology iBook for the iPad. Limited Invitation

Oral Radiology iBook Sample

Tired from reading those old boring textbooks? Struggling with reading hundreds lines of text to understand a simple concept?  or paying so much? We understand your pain!

Apple released the iBook 2 platform few weeks ago and we take this development seriously. Our approach will revolutionize learning oral radiology as the new textbook will fully utilize the capabilities of the iPad to deliver stunning high resolution colorful images and illustrations, full motion videos and animations, 3D interactive objects, HTML 5 elements, audio, and interactive quizzes.

Requirements for Contributors:

  • Dental Hygiene / Dental Background. Preference will be given to individuals with radiology training.
  • Enthusiastic and able to work in collaborative settings.
  • Own radiographic cases that  can be used in the book.
  • A native English speaker or have excellent English skills.
  • Capable of authoring a chapter in 3 months time frame.

Invitation is not yet opened for vendors. If you would like to contribute to the book please use the contact us form, give a short intro about yourself and how you can contribute. We will let you if you have been selected. Invitation to this project is limited.

Carestream 3D Symposium on Friday, March 9 in Atlanta, Georgia

Carestream 3D logo

For those who are interested to learn about Cone Beam CT, Carestream will be holding a Cone Beam CT symposium with expert presenters from different backgrounds (Oral Surgery, Perio, Endo and Ortho) as well as General Dental. In short,

  • No fees for doctors (you only pay for travel and hotel)
  • 11 CE credits
  • Held during Ortho Users meeting but you don’t need to be an Orthodontists to take advantage of this meeting
  • More information can be found at Carestream Dental 3D Symposium

Carestream Dental’s November 2011 3D Symposium

carestream dental symposium

This is a FREE Symposium with a breadth and depth of speakers on all things CBCT. With speakers on all of the dental specialties and from billing to legal, we are excited to give back to the dental community this great educational opportunity Nov. 4 – 5, 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

Please look over the invite and follow the links to discover the details on this exciting symposium!

Friday, November 4, 2011 at 8:00 AM – Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 5:00 PM (ET)
Atlanta, United States

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We will be adding other enhancements and content soon. Enjoy the new Marcilan!

Videos update

We are moving the videos to put them into a single channel in YouTube. It make take few days for the transition to happen. Expect some videos to be offline for the time being. Thanks for your understanding.

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Has Apple lost its innovation? We are dropping support for iOS apps


We give credit for Apple for their innovation with the iPhone / iPad and laying down the way to how smart phones / tablets should be like, however, recently Apple has waged a war against Android after all the success it got. Not only the phones were targeted but the tablet as well.
With all the support from different vendors and to name few: HTC, Samsung, Motorolla. Android has gained a lot of market share in the mobile arena. Android has beaten Apple to sales of devices according to recent NPD study.
While it is common these days that companies file lawsuits against each other; however, Apple has put a ‘hostile and organized campaign’ against Android. Although HTC has been targeted in the past however, most of the current injunctions are targeting Samsung both their Galaxy S phone and Galaxy 10.1 Tab. The pictures in the injunctions has been manipulated to make Samsung products mimic Apple products.
We work in the education business and we embrace Google’s moto “Don’t Be Evil”. Our goal is to teach and educate. Personally although we develop for Apple platform  but we use Android (both phone and tablet) for doing our day to day work.
We love Koreans and Samsung. Their products rivals Apple in quality if not exceeding it.. Our main focus will be from now on towards building innovative oral radiology and dental apps for Google and Microsoft platforms. Both of which has a long track record for philanthropic support for education which is a place completely unknown to Apple. Given the current circumstances and unless Apple goes back to innovation rather than fighting through litigation we are cutting support for our iOS apps.

Digital Intraoral Imaging at Dentistry 2011 in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Join us for an exciting hour long presentation on digital intraoral sensors at Dentistry 2011 conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Nov 1, 2011. The presentation will introduce fundamentals of 2D imaging and factors affecting image quality. We will go in details over comparison of different imaging and physical properties of latest CMOS intraoral sensors available on the market and how to integrate radiographs into clinical practice.

Hit the source link for more information:


Source: Dentistry 2011