Carestream Dental debuts the CS 9300 Cone Beam CT

Carestream Dental has released a new CBCT machine namely the CS 9300. The new CBCT has small and medium fields of views suitable for different dental applications. It also combines a panoramic sensor with an optional ceph arm to cover different dental imaging needs.


We had a talk with Jordan Reiss, US Sales director:

I am very proud to announce the release the CS 9300 for sale and delivery in the US! The CS 9300 is the long-awaited panoramic and cone beam CT machine designed to fit the needs for all oral healthcare providers, regardless of their specialty.  Combining high resolution, fast scan times, 7 fields of view to choose from, ease of use, and a dedicated panoramic acquisition the CS 9300 is an exciting addition to the Carestream Dental portfolio.

I was honored to be chosen to present the initial showing of the CS 9300 at the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, CA to literally hundreds of attendees.  In the limited time that we’ve offered the system, we have a large number of orders lined up and we will begin shipping units to customers next week.


The CS 9300 increases the already fantastic line-up of cone beam CT units offered by Carestream Dental as we now have an option for customers that need more fields of view to choose from for their CBCT imaging while maintaining the ability to acquire a high resolution panoramic image.   This unit in no way replaces the Kodak 9000 3D system, although it can offer an Endodontist the high resolution they require at 90μm (microns) and with FOV as small as 5 cm x 5 cm (with both a ‘Normal’ and ‘High’ resolution mode) and Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons a 17 cm x 13.5 cm field of view too.


Additionally, the CS 9300 delivers 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology as it uses a different technology that uses layered technology reducing focal trough issues that plague many linear panoramic systems.


The CS 9300 is an exciting new product for Carestream Dental and I encourage you to contact me with any questions. More information can be found at:

An interactive CS 9300 showing multiple fields of view with clinical applications can be found at:


If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Jordan Reiss | US Sales Director

Office: 800.262.8144, ext. 72009 Fax: 678.247.0354 Cell: 310.493.6345




Full Press Release is here

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