Fusion of CAD/CAM dental digital impression with Cone Beam CT data set

Dental intraoral digital impression systems like CEREC AC , Lava C.O.S , and iTero allow the practitioner to take digital impression of the patient’s teeth and store them in the computer. The practitioner then can use the software to design and fabricate crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays either by sending the data to the lab or the milling machine in the office for on-site fabrication.

Cone Beam CT allows 3 dimensional imaging of the patient’s head and it stores the acquired data  in a volumetric data set. There is no superimposition of anatomical structures and no magnification. Volumetric data set from the Cone Beam CT can be visualized in different ways like MPR slices, volume render, synthetic panoramic, or surface render. Cone Beam CT can be used to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Metallic restorations induce streak and beam hardening artifacts in the CBCT data sets. With recent advancement of technology, it is now possible to fuse digital impressions from CAD/CAM systems with CBCT data set. This allows better rendering of teeth surfaces and allows more precise implant planning.

Via Dental Compare

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